Joost Remeeus

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Joost Remeeus


1940 – 1944   Zeeuws Technisch Instituut in the town of Goes in the South of The Netherlands, learning to make drawings with pen and ink.

1976 – 1978   Vrije Universiteit in Haarlem, weekly model-painting.  One year of etching in the studio of a specialist.

1978 – 1982   D.A.C.A. Drentse Academy at Uffelte.

1982 – 1986   Making paintings in Paraguay and Bolivia of special items of these countries, like indians, sugarplantations etc.

1986 – 1987   Portrait paintings in watercolour, from Mr. Otto Schilling in Haarlem

1988 – 1993   Member of K.Z.O.D. in Haarlem, weakly model-painting.

1990 – 1992   The Ruud Wackers Academy at Amsterdam.

1990 – 1999   At my own studio in Haarlem in the Waarderpolder, painting and giving lessons in model-painting.

2000 – now    In own studio in Emst  giving lessons in drawing, watercolour, acrylic, oil-painting and pastel, at this moment for 18 students.

2003…………. Masterclass at Talens , painting with pasta on aquarel paper.

2004…………..Masterclass at Talens  in model-pasta and gel with acrylic.

2003 – 2011  The Yearly Painting-Festival in Noordwijk aan Zee (Noordwijk at the Sea).

Plus…           during the years several expositions in Holland.

Died in January 2012. 


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